—The Ultimate Guide To Pipe Collecting—

...a limited edition of only 2,500 copies

  • The first book devoted to 20th century estate pipes
  • Limited edition — only 2,500 copies — a book destined to become as collectable as the pipes it describes
  • Hundreds of exclusive facts on Dunhill, Barling, Charatan, Sasieni, Peterson, Comoy’s, GBD, Castello, Kaywoodie, Demuth, Custombilt, Marxman and more!
  • The only authenticated Dunhill dating guide.
  • Chapters on Christmas and Limited Edition pipes
  • Collector’s Compendium of every pipe brand in the world
  • Pipe values * Counterfeits * Buying on and off the internet
  • Pipe Collector’s Sourcebook


Stop! Before you toss Uncle Charlie’s smelly old pipes in the trash, you’d better read Rare Smoke —The Ultimate Guide To Pipe Collecting by America’s smokemeister, Richard Carleton Hacker. That charred old hunk of wood may be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Just as the author’s The Ultimate Pipe Book rekindled pipesmoking in 1984 and his The Ultimate Cigar Book helped start cigarmania in 1993, Rare Smoke is the world’s first look at the growing trend of collecting pre-smoked pipes.

“Actually, they’re more politely referred to as estate pipes,” said Hacker, who has been called America’s most politically incorrect author because of his extensive writings on tobacco and whiskies. “It may seem a bit bizarre to pay hundreds of dollars for a pipe that someone else has smoked, but we think nothing of purchasing antique silverware and china plates with which someone else has eaten. It’s all a matter of perspective.”

A simple glance at some of the prices on eBay for a “white spot” Dunhill made prior to World War II or a cased set of pipes carved from 200 year old Algerian briar confirm the validity of Hacker’s observations, as chronicled in Rare Smoke.

Another reason for the growing interest in estate pipe collecting is a burst of nostalgia.

“The briar pipe meets all the qualifications: it is retro, elegant, handmade, and represents a pastime under attack by bureaucrats. Thus, these endangered symbols of security have suddenly become ‘hot’ collectibles.”

Rare Smoke is a limited edition destined to become as collectable as the pipes it describes. Fifty Author’s Proofs sold out at $150 a copy and after the 2,500 remaining books are gone, Vol. 1 of Rare Smoke will not be reprinted.

Just as Sir Walter Raleigh proved to Queen Elizabeth that he could guess the weight of smoke, Hacker has done the patron saint of pipesmoking and the ancient alchemists one better by turning charred wood into gold, with the publication of Rare Smoke.

Rare Smoke—The Ultimate Guide To Pipe Collecting
© 1999 Autumngold Publishing; Hardcover, Limited Edition, 265 pages, over 165 black & white and color photos. $37.50

Rare Smoke
The Ultimate Guide
To Pipe Collecting


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