The Adventures of
The Singular Pipes of
Sherlock Holmes

1984 — 2004
Celebrating The 20th Anniversary
Of The Art of Pipewriting
Richard Carleton Hacker
A Limited Edition Monograph of 500 Copies


Richard Carleton Hacker, the most prolific pipe book author of the 20th century, celebrated the 20th anniversary of his pipewriting with a limited edition dissertation entitled, “The Adventures of the Singular Pipes of Sherlock Holmes.”

Only 500 copies of the six-panel, full color monograph have been published and it will not be reprinted. In his booklet, Hacker recounts the briar, cherrywood, and clay pipes Holmes smoked, and reveals how the calabash came to be associated erroneously with the legendary detective. Photographs taken by the writer-photographer depict many of Sherlock Holmes’ original pipes, as well as some past and present commemorative collectibles.

Celebrating The 20th AnniversaryOf The Art of Pipewriting


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