The Ultimate Guide
To Pipe Collecting

by Richard Carleton Hacker

Table of Contents


A Brief Introduction by the Author


Chapter 1

More Than A Few
Introductory Words By The Author


Chapter 2

A History of Pipe Collecting In the 20th and 21st Centuries


Chapter 3



Chapter 4

The Collectables—From Classic To Conventional
Dunhill, Barling, Charatan, Sasieni, Peterson, Comoy’s, GBD, Castello, Kaywoodie, Demuth, Custombilt, Marxman


Chapter 5

Christmas And Year Pipes


Chapter 6

Commemoratives And Limited Editions


Chapter 7

The Collector’s Compendium of Pipe Brands


Chapter 8

The Pipe Collector’s Sourcebook


PIPESMOKING — A 21st Century Guide

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